Why are people switching from Egocentric Social Media Sites to Different Ones

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It is not a secret that in recent times we have seen a trend where the popularity of social media sites like Instagram and Facebook are losing popularity.

These sites have been labeled as being more egocentric and promote the user to add personal information about themselves. In time, it has also promoted an image where people share almost everything about their private lives and has resulted in many people who value their privacy to leave these social networks or simply start using them less.

So what are they actually doing? As is often the case, when a product becomes stale or does not offer anything in return or, as in this case, demands something that the users do not want to share, the product gets replaced by a more suitable or acceptable one.

Facebook and Ego

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram made a name for themselves by providing an innovative idea and a product that attracted many users. Being a pioneer with a great idea is always good, but when the paradigm shifts fresh new ideas are needed. This is why we are currently undergoing a trend where sites like Twitter, Reddit or Mamby are getting more attention and users compared to before.

What makes these social media sites so different? Well, there are a lot of things actually. But probably the most obvious one and the one which garners the most attention from users is that they provide more privacy to the users compared to other networks.

The case with Twitter and Reddit is that you are not required to put your real name or in fact put any real information about yourself. People can feel free and use these platforms to express their thoughts freely and they can do that quite comfortably while being able to hide behind a nickname or a username. Of course, most people would say that this means that these networks are unreliable. Many people use this to their advantage to spread rumors or fake news. But it does not have to be the case.


When it comes to Reddit there are a lot of people there who would like to use the platform in a way to troll or post all kinds of gibberish. But when you take a better look at how this is composed you will see that the Reddit front page mostly comprises of various articles and news feeds with a legitimate claim. Most of the reddits that hold bigger weight are pushed to the front, where most people can see it. A lot of smaller subreddits that hold less weight or have no weight at all behind them are pushed behind and in a way filtered so not a lot of people can see it. This does not happen with Facebook as you are not protected from people who are sharing various things for the sake of sharing it.

Something that also attracts users is a reward-based system. Probably one of the most innovative ways of using this kind of a system combined with the all the advantages of a social network site is seen with Mamby. This is a site which is similar in so many ways to Reddit or Pinterest.

After using it for a while, your feed is personalized and filtered with only the things that interest you. The site actually helps you to concentrate on the things that you like and filters out all the rest. After a while, the site will get to know you and provide you with many suggestions like a best friend would.

So where is the reward? Since you are allowed to post various kind of content there in terms of videos, pictures, posts, gifs and so on, you get rewarded with a specific amount of Bitcoin based on the number of views you accumulate.

Simply speaking, the more views you get the more Bitcoin you earn. This actually prompts people to use this platform and gives them a reward if they post interesting material. It is also a great idea for people who are dabbling with cryptocurrency as Mamby presents a great way to earn in a way that benefits other people as well.


Another problem that sites like Facebook cause are the creation of a lot of fake news. Sites like these are actually the origin of fake news and are how it all started. This is why it is beneficial to create and join in with sites who have a controlled environment to filter out all the things that are viewed as fake.

Reddit and Mamby both have an algorithm that dismisses or simply hides the posts which are seen as “fake”. Some of them are not going to be accepted or simply will be deleted if they are inappropriate or if they are blatantly fake.

Giving people too much freedom and not being able to control them sometimes brings out the worst in them. Where social network sites have thrived in the past and where everyone has been given a voice is turning out to be a bad idea.

Sometimes a chain is as strong as its strongest link and this flaw is shown with the system that sites like Facebook and Instagram are adopting. Giving everybody a voice has proven to be a bad idea since a lot of people didn’t really get the message behind it.

They have decided to misuse it instead of using it correctly. Therefore we need a system with just enough control to keep everything balanced.