Quantstamp – The Opportunity for 500% Profit!

The week is not over yet, but we can already say that Quantstamp (QSP) is the coin of the week. After very successful ICO it was listed on Binance.com and trading started on November 21. Price first dropped to 530 satoshis, but after that it jumped to 2,695 satoshis in just two days! That is over 400% which is really great increase. Result hard to achieve even in the crypto space.

Many ICO experts predicted this price surge and they believe the best is yet to come. Right now we’re in the middle of price correction (it’s 1800 satoshis at the moment) and it’s maybe the perfect time to grab some QSP before it surge again and make another 500% increase.

QSP chart on Binance
QSP jumped another 100 sats while I was creating this image!

There is also QSP ETH pair on the exchange, which means you can trade Quantstamp against Ethereum. On the first day of trading price was as low as 0.00014 ETH and later jumped to 0.0058! That’s over 300% increase.

Fundamentals are very strong, investors are confident and believe in the project. All chances are that Quantstamp will continue to make new all time highs often. It could be one of the best performing cryptos in 2018.

As I said it is listed on Binance.com, so if you want to join the ride, just create an account (verification is not necessary) and buy it while it is still below 2000 sats.