MANA – a Token Which Can Make You Rich!

Have you ever heard about Decentaland project and their token MANA? Probably not, but it could be a great investment that could make you a lot of money.

I know you’re impatient and want to get rich right now, but please read this until the end. I would like to explain you a few things, so you can better understand the potential of the project.

What is Decentraland?

Decentraland is a decentralized virtual world available to anyone who want to join. Its users will have their own avatars and will be able to create anything you can imagine, to buy and sell land, to create casinos, hotels, castles, to sell and monetize their objects, land… There is no limits! Decentraland is going to be something like a multiplayer game where you can do anything you want (and to earn money!).

The most important thing – the world will have its economy, banks, companies… Many skilled and talented people will create virtual clothes, cars, homes, pets… and will sell them in the world. Millions of $ will be pumped in Decentraland. Its success will drive up the price of MANA token.

Right now it is only 200 satoshis, and you can buy it on – a great cryptocurrency exchange which just listed MANA today. Its price is already 30% up, which is a great signal.

How do I Know Decentraland Will be Successful?

If you’re on the internet long enough (from 2007 or so) you probably heard about Second Life. It’s a virtual world created by Linden Lab 1o years ago or so. It had a lot of users, many of them earned tons of money by creating and selling their products in the world.

Second Life was very popular. People used to enjoy it every day, to make friendships, buy and sell properties, establish companies with full time employees. Many of them earned millions of dollars.

So much money was pumped in Second Life, so banks and stock exchanges emerged soon. Everyone had their chance to make a lot of money in Second Life’s blooming economy.

But what happened? Linden Lab, the owner of Second Life decided to ban stock exchanges and banks. Nobody was sure why that happened, but such move just ruined the economy of Second Life. After the ban users were not able to make as much money as before, so many of them lost their interest in Second Life and left it forever.

Second Life party
Second Life party

This is the main advantage of Decentraland over Second Life. It is decentralized and nobody will have the power to make such stupid decision like Linden Lab did. Decentaland is going to be owned by its users, not a company.

I’m sure that a lot of people are going to use Decentraland. Second Life is the proof that people like virtual worlds. Moreover, Decentraland is decentralized and created more than 10 years later. Now we have much better graphic cards, better internet connections… all this is going to make Decentraland much more pleasant place than Second Life was.

So, What to do Now?

If you’re one of those guys who joined the crypto space pretty late, I assume you feel FOMO all the time because you didn’t bought Bitcoin 5 years ago or so. Ethereum is already over $400, Dash is over $500 and it seems their prices will never drop again, so it looks like you’ll never have a chance to jump in the boat…

This time you have a chance to invest in a token while it is very new and cheap, just like BTC or LTC were several years ago. Decentraland is just warming up, it is not launched officially yet. Check the roadmap on their website.

I don’t say it will make you millionaire, but it could make you 100-500% profit during 2018. Such low price (200 satoshis) of MANA token allows you to buy the whole bunch for a small amount of BTC. That means your investment will have huge growing potential.

I already bought some on and don’t plan to trade it daily, but to hodl it for a few months and to see what will happen. I’m pretty sure MANA will hit 500 satoshis or so. That would be 150% increase. Just imagine if it jump to 1000-2000 satoshis, which is price of an average altcoin… So, we have a very interesting project, very cheap token and we arrived early on the party this time! Do what you think it’s the best!

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