How to Buy Verge (XVG)?

If you are interested in how to buy Verge (XVG) cryptocurrency, this is the right place for you. This is the guide on how to invest in Verge, one of the hottest cryptocurrency which has been gaining momentum in recent times. In this article we will explain it to you how to buy Verge in the safest and cheapest way.

Before we start with detailed instructions on how to invest in Verge, we’ll provide some basic info about it. Verge currency was originally created in 2014, when it was called DogeCoinDark. But in February, 2016 they decided to rebrand the currency and change its name. The reason was because they thought that people would relate more to a name like Verge.

It also marks this cryptocurrency as a serious one and not an illegal hoax. Verge is a cryptocurrency with a public ledger and is verified by blockchain technology. Its coin symbol is XVG and is decentralized by a peer-to-peer transaction supported by a global community.

Verge XVG cryptocurrency png logo

The rebranding certainly helped, as Verge has been getting more and more popular and its value is there to prove it. To help you understand the prospect of Verge, you need to know that in 2017 its value was 0.000077 USD. This figure has already jumped to a staggering 30 cents for the start of 2018. And it does not end there, Verge is already expected to break the 50 cent mark in 2018.

According to the recent news, XVG’s market cap currently stands at $1,105,451,142 USD, with a volume of $57,602,300 USD in the last 24 hours. The maximum supply of all Verge coins is 16,555,000,000, while there are 14,963,198,006 currently in circulation.

Perhaps now is the right moment to invest in Verge, before it surge again. You can buy XVG on a few cryptocurrency exchanges, but is by far the best choice. It is an exchange that will not only offer you a way to buy and trade Verge (and other most popular and profitable cryptocurrencies), but also give you the lowest fees in the market.

Step by Step Guide: How to buy Verge (XVG) on Binance

Step 1 – Create your account

First you have to create your account on If you want to make any investments in cryptocurrencies you need to open an account. It only takes a few seconds and it is completely secure. They will not ask you for any kind of verification. You need a valid e-mail and to provide a strong password.

Step 2 – Confirming your activation

In order to complete creating your account, you also have to verify it. An activation link will be sent to the email address which you provided. So just simply check your e-mail and you will see one sent to you from Open it and click the link given or follow the instructions that are sent to you. If your activation mail does not appear in your inbox, be sure to check your spam folder.

Step 3 – Fund your wallet

Next step will include funding your wallet. In order to trade and exchange on, you have to deposit some Bitcoins (BTC) in order to buy Verge coins.

You can simply do that by going to “Funds,” at the top of the screen, and clicking on “Deposit.” Select Bitcoin from the list of cryptocurrencies. Your Bitcoin address will be generated. Copy the address and send Bitcoins to it. Wait some time until you receive your funds. Once that happens you’ll be ready to buy Verge or any other altcoin listed on Binance.

Step 4 – Buying Verge

Now go to the homepage of Binance and there you’ll see the list of all cryptoccurencies listed on this exchange. Find XVG/BTC and click it. It looks like this:


Or you can go directly on Verge trading page, just click here:

Once you open the page dedicated to Verge buying/selling you will see this:


There are two ways to buy it. Limit and Market (simple way). We’ll explain both of it below.

Limit: Under Buy XVG enter at what price you want to buy it and what amount of Verge you want to buy. If you want to buy Verge for all Bitcoins you deposited just enter your price, then click on 100% and after that click on the green Buy XVG button. Your buy order will be created and it will be filled once when Verge price drops to the price you entered.

Market: This is very simple way to buy Verge and we recommend you to use it. Just select the “Market” tab first. Then click on 100% if you want to buy Verge for all your deposited Bitcoin. After that just click the green Buy XVG button and that’s it! You’ll buy Verge cryptocurrency immediately with no need to wait for price to drop.

Once you do that, you can click on the human body icon and select “account”


You will land on balances pages and there you will be able to see your Verge coins. You can leave it on Binance, also you can trade it to make profits or you can withdraw it to your local Verge wallet.

Hopefully, this guide will make it easier for you to invest Verge (XVG) on If you need any help, feel free to contact us!